Knight Build Win Little Britain 2019

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2019 Event Documents

Sailing Instructions 2019

Notice of Race 2019

Please note the Sailing Instructions should be read in conjunction with the Notice of Race. In past years owners reps have been unclear about eligibility and sailing positions. Little Britain Challenge in a Corinthian event. As such competitors, not their representatives, should sail in the main positions such as helm or trim on the boat in all circumstances other than where the rep takes over for safety reasons (for example at the start or in a crowded mark rounding). The committee and ISC will be looking for boats that breach the eligibility requirements on the water and they may be subject to protest.

Class Splits 2019 –  Update 1 – 11.09.19

Starting Sequence 2019 v2 – 11.09.19


2019 Race chart without headings

For amendments to the Sailing Instructions please refer to the Race Noticeboard