A Guide to Racing

The LBCC Regatta is based on the successful formula of a short series of races in the Central Solent area. The schedule consists of two races on Friday and three races on Saturday. All races have equal status, but boats are allowed to discard their worst score if they sail all five races. The ISLAND SAILING CLUB RACE TEAM, who run the world famous Round the Island Race, will organise the racing and will set the courses using a mix of line-starts or committee boat starts. 'Passage racing' will be organised for the cruising class fleet.

Eligibility - The Crew

The Regatta is open to crews whose businesses are directly involved in the Property and Construction Industry.

In keeping with the spirit of the event, the number of owner's representatives from outside the construction industry is limited to one per boat for boats under 11.5m LOA, two for boats between 11.5m and 13.0m LOA and three for boats of more than 13.0m LOA. Regardless of length, any yacht with a TCC of 1.300 or more shall be permitted up to four non-construction industry representatives.

Eligibility - The Boats

The regatta is open to the following types of boats:

  • Any boat with a valid IRC rating certificate (min TCC 0.850, max LOA 20m)
  • Sunsail F40
  • Clipper Yachts
  • Classic Yachts

Please note that, unless you are racing a Sunsail F40, Clipper Yacht or Classic Yacht, your boat must have an Spinlock IRC rating certificate so that it can compete on handicap against other boats at the event. Getting an IRC certificate for your boat is not difficult or expensive however; you can find everything you need at the RORC rating website.

Spinlock IRC Single Event Rating (SER)

Little Britain Challenge Cup will also accept Single Event Rating TCCs (previously known as Limited Validity TCC), and we hope that if you do not wish or need to get a full Spinlock IRC certificate, the option of racing with a Single Event Rating TCC at a reduced cost will encourage your participation in this event.

The Single Event Rating is an initiative by the RORC Rating Office for occasional IRC racers. If you are thinking of doing just one or two IRC events this year then the Spinlock IRC Single Event Rating may be for you. Please have a look at the introduction on the RORC Rating website, www.rorcrating.com/lv-tcc, to see whether it would fit your racing plans.


IRC boats can also choose between Racing or Cruising classes, depending on ability (boats entering the Cruising classes sail without spinnakers). The final list of IRC classes are chosen once all of the entries are in, but in general we have the following line-up:

  • Three/four IRC Racing classes
  • One/two IRC Cruising classes
  • Sunsail F40 (Racing level)
  • Classic Racing Yachts (Racing under IRC handicap)
  • Clipper Yachts


The racing is conducted under the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing with Royal Yachting Association (RYA) prescriptions. Boats may advertise in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20 (Advertising Code). See www.sailing.org for details.


Prizes are awarded for the first place in each individual race, and for the first three places in the overall result for the series. In addition, there are special category awards for yachts entered in a particular professional category, e.g. contractor, surveyor, architect, etc. To be eligible for these prizes, entrants must declare which category they wish to race in, on or before registration. At the same time they must also declare that at least 50% of their crew are employed in the particular category chosen.


The Entry Fee includes all berthing from 12:00 hours Friday 15th September to 12:00 hours Sunday 17th September. Competitors will be berthed in SHEPARDS WHARF MARINA and you will need to contact the berthing master upon arrival on VHF Channel 80 (call sign 'Shepards Wharf').

To add to the occasion and to assist marina staff, please ensure that your yacht is flying the LBCC Battle Flag when in the marina. Please be aware that if your boat is allocated an outside berth, then one person may need to be resident on board each night - 24 hour contact numbers will also be required (please check with the marina office).

Yachts with a draft of more than 3.5m will need to be berthed elsewhere in Cowes and this will be arranged by the Regatta Office on behalf of, and in consultation with, the entrant